The Delegation of the European Union in Morocco, one of the 139 EU Delegations around the world, represents all the European Institutions and works under the authority of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell Fontelles.

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    Team from the EU Delegation to Morocco

    The complete team of the EU's Delegation to Morocco.

What we do

Our Mission

The main objective of the Delegation is to work for the implementation of the partnership between the European Union and Morocco, within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy to: financially support the process of political, economic and social reform in Morocco thanks to an ambitious cooperation program; boost and modernise trade relations within the framework of signed trade agreements; strengthen cooperation in the field of security; ensure the implementation of the Mobility Partnership and, finally, ensure the follow-up of the Fisheries Protocol and “Green Partnership” Initiative. 

The Delegation is also responsible for coordinating locally the action of the EU and the 24 EU member states accredited to Morocco (of which 19 are effectively represented there and have an embassy). The objective is to speak with one voice and to have optimal coherence and efficiency in its action vis-à-vis the Moroccan people. 

The Delegation opened its first headquarters in Rabat in 1979. Its team has continued to grow ever since and today includes around 80 colleagues, Europeans and Moroccans, each contributing in their own field to strengthen EU-Morocco relations.