My work in New Zealand is varied. In the morning, I might give a speech on the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific. In the afternoon, I might talk to high schools students about how the EU plans to meet its zero carbon goal by 2050. In-between, I might meet with NZ officials to propose support for an EU initiative in the United Nations. What drives me is to improve understanding about the European Union in New Zealand and build stronger collaboration between the partners.

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    H.E. Mrs Nina Obermaier

    H.E. Mrs Nina Obermaier

Message from the Ambassador

Meet Nina Obermaier

I started my professional career as a journalist, but moved into the government space because I wanted to be part of the discussions in the room behind the doors closed for journalists. I have spent twenty years working for the European Union, covering Israel and the West Bank/Gaza, information society and e-government, protection and crisis management, and negotiations with Switzerland.

Before coming to New Zealand, I was the Lead Negotiator for the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland in the Brexit negotiations.

I wanted to come to New Zealand for multiple reasons – to learn how Europe is seen from a distance, to immerse myself in a region of growing global importance, and to understand the specific identity of Aotearoa as a country of the Pacific with a significant indigenous population.

I have three priorities to advance:

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing the world. The European Union is committed to climate action and looks to other countries, including New Zealand, to team up with in this fight.

The European Union and New Zealand opened negotiations for a free trade agreement in 2018. We want a deal that is high quality and comprehensive and fit for the future.

Democracy, human rights and the rule of law are under threat around the world. The European Union promotes democratic resilience, and works with New Zealand to strengthen international institutions.