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Arif Kesaev “My profession is to make people beautiful and self-confident”


My job is to reveal the beauty of a woman and emphasize her dignity with the help of cosmetic services. I lead my way in the field of aesthetic cosmetology and eyelash extensions.

I started my activity in the field of cosmetology with training at official courses, and then I undertook additional specialized courses. A little later, I also qualified in the field of eyelash extensions.

Now, after having obtained a good experience, I teach the art of eyelash extensions. I am convinced that a certificate or diploma alone is not enough to achieve heights. Success depends on the amount of effort, experience gained, insistence and a desire to develop. This is what allowed me to overcome all difficulties and become a professional in my field.

I remember my first works and remember these unusual feelings that I experienced when I came to work in the beauty salon. You can imagine that at that time a male eyelash extension master was completely new. The reaction of colleagues and acquaintances was sometimes really unpleasant. There were those who did not believe in my development and allowed themselves unhealthy jokes. But nothing stopped me then, and nothing will stop me now.

If you want to be successful in any field, my only advice would be to work hard on yourself and ignore comments from outside.

I believe I did the right thing by not giving up or leaving my job. Now I serve as an example to people who once judged me, as well as to those who, like me, are criticized or judged by others. You must understand that despite the advice or condemnation of a friend, acquaintance, relative, all responsibility for your life remains with you.

You absolutely do not have to justify your profession. Instead, you should pay more attention to developing your professionalism.

Today, I already have an amazing, supportive audience on social networks, as well as grateful clients who come back to me again and again.

I am driven by sincere interest and love for what I do. And the realization that this sphere of work needs endless development motivates me not to stop.

To my joy, year after year, cosmetology began to be treated as something due and ordinary, and the number of men among my visitors is increasing.

Neatness and self-care do not have a gender, and I am sure that very soon this awareness will come on a generational scale.

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