Since the establishment of the European Union Delegation in the Kingdom of Lesotho in 1976, our mandate includes managing and promoting friendly relations between the EU and Lesotho through diplomacy, political and policy dialogues as well as through our cooperation programmes. Our partnership with Lesotho is broad and comprehensive with a central objective of eradicating poverty through sustainable development and fair trade. 

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    Lesotho national flag on the left and EU flag on the right. Both are in front of a backdrop of the EU flag. 

    Lesotho national flag on the left and EU flag on the right. Both are in front of a backdrop of the EU flag. 

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Our Mission

Development cooperation has been a key focus of the work of the Delegation. Political relations, trade, human rights, security issues, and cultural diplomacy are increasingly becoming the focus of attention.

Over the period 2014-2020, the EU and its partners in Lesotho have agreed to concentrate cooperation in three priority sectors in the framework of the 11th European Development Fund (EDF):

  • Water.
  • Sustainable energy.
  • Good governance and social protection.

In addition, EU assistance will enable civil society to play a vital role in Lesotho, in particular, to promote social responsibility and participation.  

The support being provided in these key areas is vital to both improving living standards for the Basotho people and ensuring a sound basis for sustainable socio-economic development. 

A new phase of cooperation between Lesotho and the EU begins in 2021 with the worldwide programme ‘Global Europe’. While instruments and people change, our commitment to a fruitful relationship based on our shared values and for contributing to a peaceful, just and prosperous Lesotho remains steadfast.  

Our Office

The structure of the organisation and its departments

The EU Delegation to Lesotho comprises a dedicated staff, working in the following sections: 

  • The Office of the Head of Delegation including Political and Press & Information Section. 
  • Development cooperation including: Water; Energy and Governance & Social Protection.  
  • Finance & Contracts.
  • Administration. 

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