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The European Union and the Republic of Moldova

After several years of collaboration and support, the EU’s assistance has delivered tangible and visible benefits to Moldovan citizens. Over 1000 projects implemented in all districts of the country have contributed to the direct improvement of the lives of over half a million Moldovans and have impacted positively the entire population of the Republic of Moldova indirectly. Thousands of SMEs have been supported, thousands of jobs have been created. Young people and academics have benefited from exchange programs through the Erasmus+ Program. EU assistance took the form of direct financial support to the Government, technical assistance projects, grants to civil society, or access to EU programmes.

This platform provides detailed information on the support and impact of the collaboration between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova.

An overview of the impact of this assistance can be found here

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    Young European Ambassadors at Europe Cafe

Europe Café

Europe Café, the main European Union Information Centre in Chisinau, aims to become a hub of communication and visibility of the European Union in Chisinau, providing the public with various information about the EU and its Member States and cooperation with the Republic of Moldova.

Europe Café was designed as a communication and information hub, where all those interested can learn more about the European Union and its Member States, their culture and history, as well as the assistance they provide for the benefit of the citizens of Moldova, throughout the programs and projects of the European Union and EU member states, which together act as “Team Europe”.

Europe Café is an ideal place for meetings and discussions. The place where you can learn about the Europe of yesterday, today and tomorrow; the place where the values ​​of European unity blend equally well with tradition and progress, and memories of the past can be a beginning for future projects. After all, Europe Café is the place that will tell you what the European Union means in the Republic of Moldova.

Europe Café will provide an attractive space for organizing European-themed cultural events, information activities, press conferences, workshops, debate clubs and individual development activities, interactive tools and technologies and film screenings. The Member States of the European Union and their diplomatic missions will join these efforts by presenting their culture, history and traditions to the Moldovan public.

Europe Café is a unique public place located in a historical building and, at the same time, showing modernity thanks to the innovative design and various technologies used.

We hope Europe Café will become the heart of the European Union in Chisinau, which we kindly invite you to discover!