The EU trade strategy builds on the EU’s openness to contribute to the economic recovery through support for green and digital transformations, as well as a renewed focus on strengthening multilateralism and reforming global trade rules to ensure that they are fair and sustainable. Where necessary, the EU will take a more assertive stance in defending its interests and values.

Trade Relations

An Open, Sustainable and Assertive Trade Policy

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Bilateral trade and Investment

The EU is Brazil's second-biggest trading partner, accounting for 15% of its total trade, and Brazil is the EU’s twelfth -biggest trading partner, accounting for 1.5% of total EU trade. Brazil is the second-largest exporter of agricultural products to the EU (2020). The EU is the biggest foreign investor in Brazil with investments in many sectors of the Brazilian economy. In 2019, the EU direct investment stock in Brazil reached € 319 billion.

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Brazil and Mercosur

The EU and Mercosur reached on 28 June 2019 a political agreement for an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive trade agreement.

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