Breaking the stereotypes

Although inequalities still exist, the EU has made significant progress in gender equality over the last decades. This is the result of: equal treatment legislation; gender mainstreaming, integration of the gender perspective into all other policies; and specific measures for the advancement of women.

A higher number of women in the labour market and their progress in securing better education and training are encouraging trends. However, gender gaps remain, and women are still over-represented in the labour market, lower paid, and under-represented in decision-making positions.

The stories below demonstrate a few examples of the EU's involvement in improving the situation for some women and girls across the globe. The EU has already done a lot in recent years, also in difficult environments. Testimony to this are the stories of real women and their personal experiences. But this is not enough. The Gender Action Plan III aims to trigger more of these real examples: more transformation, more good results, more role models, as depicted in the stories of these women and girls.

Stories from Africa

Stories from the Americas

Stories from Asia

Stories from Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Stories from the Pacific

Stories from the Southern Neighbourhood

Stories from the Western Balkans

Stories from Missions and Operations around the world

Women@EEAS on #GenderFriday

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