Information about the Delegation of the European Union to Norway.

The Delegation

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) in Oslo is one of around 140 diplomatic representations of the EU around the world. The Delegation in Oslo was founded in 1987 as the Delegation of the European Commission and was for many years responsible for the official relations between the EU and Norway and the EU and Iceland. At the end of 2009, with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and the creation of the European External Action Service, the Delegation was re-named Delegation of the EU. At the same time, a separate delegation was created in Iceland.

The Delegation maintains regular contacts with Norwegian authorities and all important actors in Norwegian society. It prepares analyses and reports on developments in Norway.

Another important task of the Delegation is to provide information about EU institutions and policies to both the government and the wider public. The Delegation therefore often arranges seminars on the EU that are open to all, as well as visits to schools and organisations. Please contact if this is of interest to you.

Every other week, the Delegation publishes an electronic newsletter, “EU-nytt”, in Norwegian, with the latest up-to-date information on EU policies and current issues. The service is free and you can sign up here. The Delegation also frequently publishes thematic brochures in Norwegian dealing with specific topics. We have an overview on the website of all free publications that can be ordered from us.

General information about the EU and all official documents can be found on the Europa server. The trade and industry sectors can contact Enterprise Europe Network offices located around Norway for information on the European market. Europe Direct can be contacted for questions about the EU, EURES for questions about job opportunities in the EEA and Consumer Europe for consumer issues.