What we do

The EU is represented in the Republic of North Macedonia by the Delegation of the European Union.  

The Delegation was officially opened in March 2000. It is the liaison between the national authorities and EU institutions. Since the decision by the European Council to recognise the country as a candidate for EU membership, the work of the Delegation has focused increasingly on monitoring and reporting on the country’s compliance with the political and the economic criteria for EU membership, on the alignment of legislation with EU legislation as well as on the capacity of the institutions to implement and enforce it. 

One of the key tasks of the Delegation is to inform the authorities, media and citizens about the pre-accession process and about the EU institutions and policies. It also maintains regular contacts with academic institutions, members of the business community and representatives of civil society. 

The European Union provides the Republic of North Macedonia with continuous support and financial assistance in the process of implementing the necessary reforms for membership. 

Our office

  • Head of Delegation
  • European integration, political, press and information 
  • Cooperation
  • Institution building, economic development, rule of law, public administration
  • Environment, transport, agriculture and rural development, social policy and education
  • Finance, contracts and audit
  • Administration

Contact: delegation-north-macedonia@eeas.europa.eu

Human Rights Focal Point: delegation-north-macedonia-human-rights@eeas.europa.eu