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    European IT systems in the field of security and migration.

    EU-wide IT systems for security and migration.

    Copyright: European Union, 2020 

Visas for Europe

Since March 14, 2013, a new visa information system (VIS) has been set up in West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo) for all applicants wishing to travel to a European country in the Schengen Area. The VIS is a centralized database that allows the exchange of data on short-stay visas between the Schengen States.

All the Consulates of the Schengen States in Dakar will be connected to the VIS and will record the data on short-stay visa applications as well as the related decisions of the visa authorities.

The biometric data of visa applicants - one digital photograph and 10 fingerprints - will also be collected and recorded in the VIS.

The use of biometric identifiers in the visa application process will further protect applicants against identity theft. This will also prevent false identifications, which in some cases can lead to the refusal of a visa or entry into the territory of a person who is entitled to it. The use of biometric technology guarantees safe, precise and efficient procedures.

There are exemptions from taking fingerprints for:

  • Children under 12.
  • People for whom it is physically impossible to take fingerprints.
  • Sovereigns, heads of state and members of national governments, with their official delegations and their spouses, when traveling on official grounds.

Holders of diplomatic passports are not exempt from the obligation to take fingerprints. They can nevertheless be exempted from the visa requirement under exemption agreements granted by certain EU member states.

Government officials and officials traveling to attend regular meetings within the framework of political and technical dialogues (meeting at senior official level, sub-committees) are also not exempt from the obligation to take fingerprints.

The VIS will contain all the requests made by a visa applicant for 5 years as well as the decisions taken by the Consulates on these requests. The VIS central database is very secure and the data will be processed in accordance with the highest data protection standards. Anyone has the right to obtain communication of the data concerning him recorded in the VIS. Anyone also has the right to request that erroneous data concerning them be corrected and data recorded illegally be deleted.



Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Gerlinde PASCHINGER18, rue Emile Zola – BP¨3247Email: Tel. : +221 33 849 40 00Fax : +221 33 849 43 70Geographic Coverage (except Senegal):
Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea,
Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone


Ambassador:H.E. Mr. S.E. M. Hubert ROISINAvenue des Jambaars -  BP 524 
Email: Tel. : +221 33 889 43 90Fax : +22133 889 43 98Geographic Coverage (except Senegal):
Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau

Czech Republic

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Marek SKOLIL18, rue Emile Zola - BP 6474 Plateau DakarEmail: Tél. : +221 33 821 45 76 / +221 78 639 07 96Fax : +221 33 821 45 78


Ambassador: H.E. Ms Anu SAXEN



Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Philippe LALLIOT1, rue El Hadj Amadou Assane Ndoye Email: Tel. : +221 33 839 51 49Fax : +221 33 839 51 81Geographic Coverage (except Senegal): Gambia


Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Sönke SIEMON20, avenue Pasteur - BP 2100Email: Tel. : +221 33 889 48 84Fax : +221 33 822 52 99Geographic Coverage (except Senegal): Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde


Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Efthymios Georges COSTOPOULOS

Immeuble Isocèle - Rue de Diourbel X Rond-Point de l'Ellipse,
Point E

Tel. : +221 33 868 88 68


Chargé d'affaires ai: Mr Réka Csizi



Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Giovanni Umberto DE VITORue Alpha Hachamyou Tall - BP 348  Email: Tel. : +221 33 8892616 / +221 33 8892633Fax : +221 33 821 75 80Geographic Coverage (except Senegal): Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania


Ambassador: H.E. Mr Georges TERNESRésidence Naja, Villa n°3Rue E x David Diop - Fann Résidence  BP 11750Email: Tel. : +221 33 869 59 59Fax : +221 33 869 59 60


Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Joan Jacobje Jantina WIEGMAN37, rue Kléber - BP 3262Email: dak@minbuza.nlTel. : +221 33 829 21 21Fax : +221 33 821 70 84Geographic Coverage (except Senegal): Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania


Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Margareta KASSANGANARoute des Almadies - Les Jardins des Almadies - App. 4/A. - BP 14419Email: Tel. : +221 33 859 57 70Fax : +221 33 865 14 87


Chargé d'affaires ai: Mr Joao Ciotta NEVESAvenue des Ambassadeurs, 6 – Villa Marta  Fann Résidence - BP 281Email: dacar@mne.ptTel. : +221 33 859 26 60 / +221 33 859 26 62Fax : +221 33 864 03 22Geographic Coverage (except Senegal): Gambia, Mauritania


Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Nicolae NASTASERue A Prolongée, Point E – A X 9 AEmail: dakar@mae.roTél. : +221 33 825 19 13 / +221 33 825 20 68Fax : +221 33 824 91 90Geographic Coverage (Except Senegal) : Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali


Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Olga CABARGA GOMEZ18-20, avenue Nelson Mandela - BP 2091Email: emb.dakar@maec.esTel. : +221 33 842 73 99Fax : +221 33 842 36 84Geographic Coverage (Except Senegal): Gambia

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    Girl studies abroad.

    Erasmus +, a European program for the exchange of students and teachers between universities, major European schools and educational establishments around the world.

    Copyright: European Commission 

Study Opportunities

Erasmus + is the European Union program for education, training, youth and sport. Between 2014 and 2020, it offers possibilities of four million people to study, train and acquire experience of living abroad.

Erasmus + replaces a number of older programs, including an international exchange program called Erasmus Mundus.

You can check the Resources section of the Erasmus + Web Portal for tools and key documents for candidates.