The European Union Delegation to Singapore is one of almost 140 fully-fledged diplomatic missions that represent the EU across the world. It represents the EU in dealings with the Singapore government in areas that are part of the EU’s remit. By actively engaging with leaders, the media, academia, business and civil society, the Delegation raises awareness of EU issues and concerns, and promotes the importance of the EU-Singapore relationship at various levels.

What we do

About the EU in Singapore

The European Union Delegation to Singapore opened on 30 June 2004. Since then, as the EU’s diplomatic representation, it has worked to promote closer ties between the EU and Singapore. The wide-ranging relationship has further strengthened and expanded in its scope over the years. In close coordination with the diplomatic missions of the EU Member States, the Delegation ensures the consistency and effectiveness of the EU’s external action in Singapore. 

With 27 members, more than 450 million people and the largest GDP in the world, the EU is of increasing importance to Singapore, in particular since the entry into force of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement on 21 November 2019, and the elevation of its relationship with ASEAN to a Strategic Partnership in December 2020. 

The Delegation covers a range of issues such as common foreign and security policy, trade and investment, climate change, environment, transport, industrial policy, research, science and technology, as well as higher education activities such as the Study In Europe higher education fair. On the cultural front, the Delegation presents the annual European Film Festival, which marked its 30th edition in May 2021.  

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Our Office

The delegation is led by Ambassador Iwona Piórko.

The delegation has three sections:

  • Political, Press and Information 
  • Economic and Trade 
  • Administration  

Head of Political and Press and Information section & Human Rights Focal Point 
Ms. Eszter Nemeth

Head of Economic and Trade Section 
Ms. Justyna Lasik 

Head of Administration
Ms. Sigrid Gilles de Pelichy