This page explains what the EU Delegation does in Sudan and its internal structure. The EU Delegation has six objectives and goals to do in Sudan. It consists of 5 Departments and has 65 full-time staff members to assure the best representation.

What we do

The Delegation of the European Union is a fully accredited diplomatic mission to the Republic of Sudan.  

The EU diplomatic mission is typically known as a "Delegation", and the head of the Delegation is known as an "Ambassador". It is one of 135 other Delegations around the world that represent the European Union. 

The role of the EU Delegation in Sudan is to: 

  • Ensure the representation of the European Union to Sudan in the areas set out in the EU Treaty of Lisbon. 
  • Ensures the follow-up of bilateral relations in the areas of political, economic and development cooperation (financial and technical). 
  • Promote and defend the values and interests of the EU through monitoring human rights, démarches, continue development cooperation in Sudan.
  • Coordinate with Member States’ embassies in the fields of EU competencies like political, development cooperation and human rights, consular and administrative areas. 
  • Reports back to Headquarters on all matters of interest to EU policies.
  • Maintains the visibility, awareness and understanding of the EU. 

Who we are

The Delegation's structure

The Delegation to Sudan consists of staff members from European and Sudanese nationalities. The task of the staff is to assure the best representation of the European Union towards the Republic of Sudan. 

The organization of the Delegation is as follows: 

Head of Delegation Office:  

The office manages the daily agenda and issues related to the EU Ambassador. The office organizes the EU Heads of Missions Meetings and coordinates the work between all the sections of the Delegation.   

Deputy Head of Mission Office and the Political, Press and Information Section: 

The office manages the agenda of the Deputy Ambassador. The section organizes political meetings, press interviews, press conferences and reporting on Sudan.  

Development Cooperation Section:  

The section manages all the development projects in Sudan. It is the biggest section in the delegation and has links with more than 70 local and international organizations. The section organizes all the meetings related to development and cooperation and provides funds for Sudanese and international organizations.  

Finance and Contracts Section: 

The section monitors the development projects in Sudan and ensures all the related organizations are implementing the signed agreements and contracts for implementation. The section conducts and organizes in internal and external audit missions.  

Administration Section: 

The administration section is responsible for the provision of logistics, security, vehicles, human resources, protocol affairs and all the logistics to ensure the mission is functioning smoothly.