The cooperation of the European Union with Uruguay is a mature cooperation, focused on issues of common interest

Thematic and Regional Programs

The EU supports Uruguay through thematic and regional programs, as well as through new instruments such as Development in Transition. All EU cooperation initiatives are aligned with national development priorities in the areas of social development, gender, security, climate change and the environment.  

Uruguay is very active in the regional programmes of the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean: 

  • EUROsociAL+ for the improvement of social cohesion in Latin American countries. 
  • EUROCLIMA+ supports the implementation of the commitments of the Paris Agreement in the field of climate governance and biodiversity.
  • AL-Invest Verde to promote internationalization and boost environmentally sustainable productivity of tens of thousands of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).
  • EL PAcCTO for assistance and cooperation against transnational organized crime.
  • COPOLAD for the promotion of effective drug policies. 

Uruguay also participates in other EU programs with international cooperation components such as Horizon Europe (for research cooperation) or Erasmus (academic exchange). 

The EU attaches great importance to the role played by civil society organizations, due to their contribution to the formulation and monitoring of public policies, in the defence of human rights and democratic values. Since 2002, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights and the Support Program for Civil Society and Local Authorities, the EU supported 46 initiatives with an EU contribution of € 21.5 million. 

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    Logo project: hands putting together a puzzle with the form of Uruguay

    Logo Project Strengthening of political decentralization: Several hands putting together a puzzle in the shape of Uruguay.

    Copyright: Congress of Governors 

Local Authorities and Human Rights

In the area of ​​local authorities, the EU supports the project Strengthening political decentralization and territorial development with equity, developed by the Congress of Mayors with € 850,000 of EU support. Its objective is to contribute to the strengthening of political decentralization and sustainable economic development in Uruguay with territorial equity. 

In the area of ​​Human Rights, the EU is committed to promote gender equality and eliminate gender violence. The Entramadas project coordinated by FLACSO, fosters local civil society organisations in the Departments of Artigas, Rivera, Tacuarembó and Cerro Largo to deliver locally adapted answers to the protection and respect of women's rights in Uruguay. It has an EU contribution of € 400,000. The project Collective autonomies against gender violence seeks to contribute substantively to the eradication of gender-based violence in Uruguay. It is being developed by the CSO El Paso and benefits from a € 396,000 contribution from the EU. 

Support to Civil Society and Bilateral Cooperation

In terms of support to civil society, the EU supports projects that are framed in areas of interest to it. The INSPYRAME project aims to contribute to the inclusive and sustainable development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Uruguay. It benefits from an EU contribution of € 450,000. The Strengthen-Participate-Influence project, developed by the National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, seeks to strengthen the active participation of civil society. It has a support of € 399,837 from the EU.  

More knowledge, More participation, More rights, developed by Luna Nueva with a European contribution of € 520,000, works to strengthen the capacities of promotion and defence of the rights of children and adolescents in Uruguay. 

In 2019, the EU and Uruguay signed an agreement for the creation of a Bilateral Association Instrument between Uruguay - European Union in the framework of development in transition. With a European contribution of € 500,000 each from Uruguay and from the EU, the project proposes the implementation of a new cooperation modality between Uruguay and the European Union, based on a partnership at eye level and accompanying the EU-Uruguay dialogue in areas of common interest. 

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    Logo project: hands about to join.

    The Strengthen-Participate-Influence project, developed by the National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, seeks to strengthen the active participation of civil society

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Gender Equality

At the regional level, the EU supports gender equality with the program Win Win: Gender Equality is good business. With an EU contribution of € 9,000,000, it is developed by UN Women and the ILO. Uruguay also benefits from the program.

EU-supported projects that ended in 2021:

The Horizon of Freedoms project had a EU contribution of € 530,249 and sought to contribute to the economic, social, cultural and political integration of adolescents and young people who find their rights and the full exercise of their citizenship violated.

The Uruguay looks at trafficking project was a social project aimed at understanding and giving visibility to the problem of Human Trafficking in Uruguay. With a contribution of € 450,000 from the EU, it participated in strengthening local and national capacities to prevent trafficking situations.

The Cooperation with Equity project, with a EU contribution of € 397,096, sought to promote from the social and solidarity economy strategies and actions to promote the socio-economic and cultural rights of women.