Areas, activities, budget and key outputs of the development projects financed by the European Union and implemented in Uzbekistan.

EU Development Assistance

Over the period 2014-2020, the EU’s financial aid to Uzbekistan came to €168 million, a 124% increase over the 2007-2013 period. Under the Multi-Annual Indicative Programme, EU development assistance for Uzbekistan between 2014 and 2020 has concentrated on rural development. This support has included projects on the sustainable management of water resources and irrigation, horticulture, livestock, vocational training, and local administrative reform. 

The European Union has allocated €76 mln for the first four years (2021-2024) of its 7 years Multi-Annual Indicative Programme 2021-2027 (MIP 2021-2027). Additional funds are earmarked for Human Rights support (tentative allocation is EUR 3.6 million for 2021-2024) and Civil Society Organisation (€3.4 mln for 2021-2024).  The MIP 2021-2027 has three main priorities:  

  • Effective governance and digital transformation.
  • Inclusive, Digital and Green Growth.
  • Development of a smart eco-friendly agri-food sector.

The priorities in the programme will focus on Budget Support for Agriculture Reform (including Public Finances Management Reform) and transfer of know-how through Technical assistance or twinning projects with European Union Member States.