Press Release for the Joint Press Statement on EU-Australia Energy Relations

Please find below the official press release by the EU Delegation to Australia in regard to the Joint Press Statement on EU-Australia Energy Relations.


Energy Relations Furthering EU-Australia Ties

The European Union Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, and the Australian Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen held bilateral meetings to discuss and strengthen bilateral ties, on the issues of energy and climate change.

Please see the Joint Press Statement on EU-Australia Energy Relations.

The EU and Australia share an unwavering commitment to international cooperation to accelerate the global clean energy transformation. Key to this transformation is the importance of securing global supply chains in areas like critical minerals on which both the European Union and Australia are looking forward to establishing a bilateral strategic partnership.

Additionally cooperation on the international energy security remains important to both the European Union and Australia as does the commitment to a just energy transition that ensures a full, effective and meaningful participation of Indigenous Peoples, as well as other groups particularly vulnerable to climate change and economic disadvantage, including women, and young people. 

The EU and Australia also took note of the broad consensus in support of making commitments in energy and resources during the negotiations on the FTA that, once finalized, would provide a decisive boost to trade and investments in these crucial sectors to the benefit of both economies and their respective clean energy transitions.

The European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, is responsible for developing the European energy market, implementing the European Green Deal, contributing to the design of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and developing the Just Transition Fund to support those most affected by the energy transition.

She is here to discuss the complementary roles of Europe and Australia in the energy transition as they relate to technology, policy and societal change.


Quotes from Commissioner Simson

 “Europe and Australia are strategic partners, and we have a long history together. We have common values and concerns, notably on environment, climate change, just transition and energy security, and we have a common interest for cooperation. In light of the current geopolitical situation, we should deepen this cooperation bilaterally. Our joint statement shows the areas where we can and want to work together – from renewables and energy efficiency to hydrogen and critical raw materials and more. The opportunities are there.”

“The last years have been difficult for Europe, as we were hit strong by the energy crisis, which was created by Russia’s manipulation of our energy markets & the war in Ukraine. But we weathered the storm and can proudly say that we are now stronger than before! For obvious geographic reasons, our diversification of gas supplies did not, beyond some small LNG cargoes, include Australia. Nevertheless, Australian LNG was critical to ensuring the stability of the global markets by supplying Asia. And we are grateful for all the cooperation we have had.”