Civil Society Organisations as Actors in Governance


Civil Society Organisations as Actors in GovernanceEuropeAid/176767/DD/ACT/GE

The European Commission is seeking proposals for

Lot 1: to promote an enabling electoral environment and support free and fair elections in Georgia

Lot 2: to counter gender-based violence and increase gender equality in Georgia

Lot 3: to foster nationwide civic engagement and democratic oversight on Georgia’s path to EUintegration

Lot 4: to contribute to food security in Georgia by reducing food waste and losses at local level

Lot 5: to reinforce environmental protection and the fight against climate change

Lot 6: to enhance civil society oversight and increase citizen awareness on judicial reforms

Lot 7: to strengthen the role of civil society organisations in the monitoring and implementation of publicadministration reform, decentralisation and public accountability in Georgia, at national and local levels

in Georgia, with financial assistance from the Human Rights and Democracy/CSO/Civil Society Facility/Support to the Implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and Migration Managementprogrammes.

The full guidelines for applicants are available for consultation at on the following internet sites: and deadline for submission of concept notes is 24/04/2023 at 12:00 Brussels time.