Nepali Yuwa in Climate Action and Green Growth

What would happen if we encouraged and guided youth to invest in their futures and their country? Nepali Yuwa in Climate Action and Green Growth aims to promote Nepali youth as change makers, innovators, and advocates to build a green, climate resilient Nepal.  

Nepal wants to transition to a green economy as part of its post-COVID recovery plan. However, the country has not engaged the largest segment of its population for economic development - the youth. Youth unemployment currently sits at 19% with little signs of increased job opportunities causing young people to turn towards work opportunities abroad.


Nepali Yuwa (Youth) in Climate Action and Green Growth (NYCAGG) promotes the engagement of youth in climate policy, sustainable entrepreneurship, and development. The project is a collaboration between various youth and climate organisations including Youth Innovation Lab, as the consortium lead, Restless Development, CREASION and the Centre for Disaster Management Studies (CDMS).


The program invests in Nepali youth development through three strategies:

  1. A climate fellowship program bridging technical and policy gaps on climate at the local and provincial government level;
  2. Climate Smart Entrepreneurship program that brings aspiring entrepreneurs from the province and connects them mentors and sectoral experts to take their venture forward with seed funds.
  3. And digital advocacy to collect and share data on the environmental and climatic concerns through a citizen science approach.


It specifically targets young people in the Madhesh, Sudurpashchim and Karnali Provinces, three provinces that are most affected by climate change and need to centre climate-resilient policies.


The project will mobilize 574 young people and reach 18,000 community members, 400 government representatives and 35 professional experts to build a movement of youth-led climate governance, entrepreneurship and advocacy for a greener, thriving Nepal.  By building the next generation of climate leaders, the Nepali government’s goal of becoming a climate-resilient, middle income country will become within reach. 

Nepal, Madhesh, Sudurpashchim and Karnali Provinces
€ 569,684.44
Environment and Climate change
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Goma Karki

Youth Innovation Lab

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Youth Innovation Lab
Restless Development, CREASION, Centre for Disaster Management Studies