Final report of the European Union Electoral Follow-up Mission in Senegal


A European Union Electoral Follow-up Mission (EU MSE) visited Senegal from March 12 to April 9, 2022. This mission, led by Ms. Elena Valenciano, Head of the European Union Electoral Observation Mission (EU EOM) during the 2019 presidential election, had as its main objective to assess the follow-up given to the recommendations made by the 2019 EOM.

To this end, the MSE met with the main actors in the electoral process, in particular state institutions, political parties and coalitions, election management bodies, and civil society organizations, as well as the international community. A round table with the main stakeholders completed the visit of the MSE and enabled fruitful exchanges between the various stakeholders.

In its mission report, the MSE notes a convergence of several points addressed within the framework of the national political dialogue established after the 2019 presidential elections with the recommendations formulated by the 2019 EU EOM. It notes that the national dialogue commission has reached significant consensus, some of which has not yet been implemented at the legislative and regulatory level. Other no less important points raised during these consultations were the subject of disagreement between the stakeholders, or were not addressed in depth. As such, it encourages all stakeholders to continue the reform work initiated in the tradition of dialogue and consultation that prevails in Senegal.