Funguo Innovation Program

The program will support Tanzanian innovators and start-up entrepreneurs to scale up and contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth.


  • Build a pipeline of viable innovative projects to move them from start ups to sustainable businesses.
  • Build relationships between start-ups and local as well as international investors and financiers.
  • Capacitate Business Development Service Providers to support innovators in becoming sustainable businesses.
  • Raise awareness among key governmental stakeholders to develop and enhance innovation friendly policies.
  • Enhance national platforms to discuss and promote Innovation.
  • Build a permanent Financing Facility to leverage private investments.



  • Access to private finance for innovators and start-ups is unlocked
  • The enabling environment for women and youth lead innovation start-ups is improved to provide equal opportunities.
  • The support to Business Development Service Providers (BDS) has generated more investment ready and scalable businesses which focus on social and environmental impact.
EUR 10.5M (27.19 Billion TZS)
COSTECH, Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade
EUR 5.0M (12.95 Billion TZS)