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Investing in Business Enabling Environment

The programme supports improvements in the business environment through effective public private dialogue.

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  • Provide data and analysis on markets, trade and investments to underpin policy recommendations.
  • Prepare reports on challenges experienced by the private sector and provide evidence-based recommendations to improve the Tanzanian business environment.
  • Organise national and subnational public-private dialogue events with relevant Tanzanian Government stakeholders and policy makers.
  • Identify opportunities to support post-graduation training programmes relevant for public private dialogue and foster network building between higher education institutions and private sector organisations.
  • Raise awareness of the positive contribution provided by the private sector in Tanzania.


  • Improved capacity of Tanzanian and EU Private Sector Organisations to better advocate for a conducive business environment to attract investment and contribute to growth.
  • Improved networking between Tanzanian and EU Private Sector Organisations and higher educational institutions.
  • Enhanced public-private dialogue leading to improved trust relationship between the private sector and the government.
EUR 0.9M (2.33 Billion TZS)
Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC), Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), The European Union Business Group (EUBG), Tanzanian Business Network, Ramboll/ NIRAS International Consulting
EUR 0.9M (2.33 Billion TZS)