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EU Delegation to Turkmenistan supports #EUBeachCleanup campaign


On 23 October 2021, the Delegation of the European Union to Turkmenistan together with the Nature Protection Society, friends from the embassies of the EU member states and volunteers gathered together on the shore of the Geokdepe Lake to conduct a cleaning campaign.



The event brought together over 40 people gathered with the single idea – promote green behavior among local population and demonstrate how important it is to collect waste and clean up the areas of popular destinations.

“With the lockdown caused by COVID-19, here in Turkmenistan, we observed masses visiting the local resort areas and tourism destinations. As a result, the pressure put on local ecosystems grew massively. Unfortunately, not always people think about the environment they live in. In this regard, we have adopted the #EUBeachCleanup campaign and conducted an action on the shores of the Geokdepe Lake,” stated Ambassador Diego Ruiz Alonso.

The participants have collected all types of waste, including plastic, glass, paper and other. As a result of the event, around 500 kgs of waste was collected on the territory of 49 000 square meters.

The Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan has collected the waste and sent it for recycling to the local companies.


Due to epidemiological concerns, the EU Delegation had to limit the number of participants of up to 50. The Delegation has received very positive response on social media and in local media too. The Delegation plans more similar events and campaigns