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    A man and a woman wearing EU sunglasses hold yellow balloons and an EU Open House sign

About EU Open House

This event falls every year on the first Saturday after Europe Day on May 9. This date marks the signing of the Schuman Declaration on May 9, 1950, which established the European Coal and Steel Community, a multinational entity that would eventually become the European Union as we know it today.

We celebrate Europe Day by opening our doors to the public so that Americans can catch a glimpse of the European cultures that make up the European Union. Normally you have to cross the Atlantic to visit the EU, but at Open House, you just have to cross the street!

Plan Your Day

The 2024 EU Open House has ended. Come back next spring to see what the EU and our Member States will offer!

Thank You

We want to extend our sincerest appreciation to the partners and sponsors that help made the 2024 Open House possible!

Christos Furs
The Responsible Fashion Collective
Solve Studio
Mediterranean Diet Roundtable
Ferrero Rocher

And for our Europe Day event in San Francisco:

Antinori Napa Valley Wine
LJL Collection

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    Collection of partner and sponsor logos.
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    A line of people outside the Greek Embassy.

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