Disinformation – EU responses to the threat of foreign information manipulation



Today the European External Action Service (EEAS) under the patronage of High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell brought together top political representatives and  experts from around the globe to discuss the threats of foreign information manipulation and interference (FIMI). The conference “Beyond disinformation: EU responses to the threat of foreign information manipulation took place in Brussels.

Russia is using information manipulation and interference as a crucial instrument of its war against Ukraine with an unprecedented intensity and use of instruments. We have to work along three axes: to anticipate and deter FIMI activities, to take action in support of Ukraine, and finally – to be ambitious in building resilience to authoritarian regimes” – said HRVP Borrell in his keynote speech.

During the conference, HRVP Borrell presented its first ever threat report analysing foreign information manipulation and interference trends. The report uses best case practice methodology and outlines a wide variety of tactics of information manipulation and interference applied by Russia and China in the last months of 2022.

Another key outcome of today’s conference was the consensus by leading experts from EU institutions, Member States, international partners like NATO and the United Nations, civil society organisations, academia, and journalists across the world that the only way forward to combat this threat is to keep working together, engaging all levels of our societies and partners around the globe. In this context, the EU is launching a new initiative to bring information exchange to the next level with a FIMI Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC).

The conference included a number of panel discussions, with strong emphasis on a wide variety of responses to the threat – from communication to disruptive measures.

For more information and a recording of the conference: Beyond disinformation – EU responses to the threat of foreign information manipulation

1st EEAS Report on Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference Threats

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