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Egypt: Statement by the Spokesperson on recent arrests of human rights activists


The Director and several senior managers of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) have been arrested in Cairo over the last few days. These developments are of significant concern, which the EU has conveyed to the Egyptian authorities.

The EIPR provides a critical and invaluable service to the Egyptian people by promoting political, civil, economic and social rights, with a focus on personal rights and freedoms. It is a well-respected interlocutor that has put particular emphasis on the importance of operating in full transparency.

Providing space to civil society is a joint commitment enshrined in the EU – Egypt Partnership Priorities, and is stipulated in the Egyptian Constitution. Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms constitutes an essential element of EU-Egypt relations.

Peter Stano
Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
+32 (0)460 75 45 53