The delegation represents the European Union and its Member States in Madagascar and the Comoros. The delegation's representatives are in permanent contact with the authorities of both countries, with the international organisations based there, with economic actors and with the civil society. They are responsible to inform the citizens, professionals, associations and public authorities about the role of the EU in the world, and in particular in Madagascar and the Comoros.

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    Headquarters of the Delegation of the European Union in Antananarivo, June 2021.

    Copyright: Njaka Rajaonisaona/EU

Our Mission

What we do

The mission of the Delegation of the European Union to Madagascar and the Comoros is:

  • To represent the European Union in the Republic of Madagascar and in the Union of the Comoros.
  • To establish a network with embassies and international organisations, the private sector and civil society in both countries.
  • To follow up bilateral relations in the field of political, economic, trade and cooperation relations.
  • To promote and defend the values and interests of the European Union.
  • To monitor and promote the participation of Madagascar and the Comoros in the regional integration process in the political, economic, trade and cooperation spheres.
  • To manage and monitor the ongoing programmes and projects.
  • To be associated with, and support the interventions of the European Investment Bank, and to represent the institution when necessary.
  • To promote press and information activities related to the above.
  • To promote the visibility of the European Union's actions and knowledge of the European values and policies among the Malagasy and Comorian citizens.

Our Office

The delegation is chaired by the Ambassador, who acts as a Head of Delegation, and who is responsible for promoting and coordinating the delegation’s various activities.

Ambassador and Head of Delegation;

Political, Press and Information Section


Governance, Economy, Trade and Social Sectors Section

Infrastructure and Transport Section

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rural Development Section

Finance, Contracts and Audit Section


Office in the Comoros