EU energy diplomacy aims to accelerate the global energy transition, promoting energy efficiency and renewable technologies, amongst other things. At the same time, the EU’s energy diplomacy will discourage further investments into fossil-fuel-based infrastructure projects in third countries, unless they are aligned with an ambitious climate neutrality pathway, and will support international efforts to reduce the environmental and greenhouse gas impact of existing fossil fuel infrastructure.

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    ©Shutterstock/Solar energy/wind turbines

    ©Shutterstock/Solar energy/wind turbines

Energy transition

The primary goal of the EU’s energy diplomacy is to promote and accelerate the global transition of the energy sector, which is responsible for over two-thirds of global GHG emissions, to decarbonisation. To this end, the EU promotes among others energy efficiency, renewable energy and the take-up of new green technologies, such as hydrogen.

EU energy diplomacy discourages all further investments into fossil fuel based energy infrastructure projects, unless they are fully consistent with an ambitious, clearly defined pathway towards climate neutrality  and calls for the phasing-out of unabated coal in energy production.

Energy security

Fossil fuel security will remain important in the coming years, and EU Energy Diplomacy will continue to promote open, and liquid global markets to this end. In the meantime, the EU also prepares for new energy security challenges stemming from raw material supply chains, cybersecurity concerns, access to clean energy technologies among others.

Geopolitics and global governance

The energy transition will have significant impact on societies and can have geopolitical consequences. Energy Diplomacy will support energy and economic diversification of our partners and will support a just transition leaving no one behind. The EU will actively promote the alignment of existing multilateral governance structures with the Paris Agreement, and the development of effective such mechanisms which are essential to drive the global decarbonisation of the energy sector.

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