Requirements for Communication and Visibility in EU-financed external actions


The European Union (EU) funds operations outside its borders (known as 'external actions') in response to international challenges and crises and in order to project its values, reduce poverty and contribute to peace and prosperity in the world.

Effective communication concerning these operations helps raise awareness of the external policies and actions of the Union in its role as a global player, and provides accountability and transparency on the use of EU funds to taxpayers and the citizens of partner countries.

The general purpose of these Communication and Visibility Requirements ('the Requirements') is to ensure that any communication on EU-funded external actions is consistent with the Union's values and political priorities and with other EU-related communication activities and events.

Specifically, the Requirements are designed to ensure that external actions that are wholly or partially financed by the EU include information and communication measures designed to inform specific or general target audiences about the reasons for the action, the EU's support for the country or region concerned, and the outcomes and impact of that support.

Partner countries that receive budget support from the Union, and international organisations andagencies that have signed EU framework or delegation agreements, are referred to the communicationand visibility provisions of those agreements. While this document may provide useful additional guidancein such cases, where its provisions are incompatible with those of the agreements concerned, the latter

The Requirements thus apply primarily to projects, i.e. EU-financed grants, services, supplies and works contracts awarded to implementing partners, whether managed directly by the EU or by other parties. Partners implementing such EU-financed external actions are responsible for publicising those actions and, more generally, the support provided by the EU.

This document describes partners' legal obligations and the mandatory elements of the communication and visibility measures that must accompany all EU-financed external actions. Unless the agreements and contracts concerned explicitly provide otherwise, it therefore constitutes a contractually binding framework applicable to all financing agreements and contracts (including those concluded with sub-contractors) which refer to the Requirements, irrespective of the contracting authority.

The text includes links to accompanying documents that provide additional guidance.take precedence.

References in this document to the 'European Union', 'the Union' or 'the EU' refer to the EU Delegation or European Commission department responsible for the EU-financed action in question. All communication and visibility activities related to EU-financed actions must be carried out in close cooperation and coordination with the relevant EU Delegation or European Commission department. In the case of regional initiatives spanning several countries, in addition to the lead Delegation or department, Delegations in all countries concerned must be associated.

This document replaces the 2010 'Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union External Actions' and any other communication and visibility guidelines for EU-financed external action previously published by individual EU departments. All references to the 2010 Manual or other communication and visibility guidelines in the General Conditions and other contractual documentation of grants and agreements signed between the EU and third parties after the publication of these Requirements are to be regarded as referring to these Requirements.


Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union External Actions





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