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#ARTvsWAR | SLOVO Building


Cultural heritage is purposely being targeted during Russia’s war on Ukraine. In this video, we revisit the Slovo building in Kharkiv. The name comes from СЛОВО [SLOVO] the Ukrainian word for the letter C, as this building has a distinct C-shaped shape.

During the 1920’s, Slovo was a communal residential building for Ukrainian writers. During the 1930’s, in the course of Great Purge, it became a symbol of Executed Renaissance. In 2018, a Kharkiv Literature Residence was launched in the Slovo building. The place immediately became an inspiring destination for contemporary writers from all over the world.

However, on 8 March 2022, the facade of Slovo was damaged by Russian shelling. Kharkiv remains the target of non-stop brutal Russian artillery fire. Nevertheless, the Slovo residence reminds us that word is adamant. Read more about the Slovo building and the bravery of artists influenced by it.

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