Crisis response: EU institutions in Integrated Resolve Exercise (PACE)


The EU is currently carrying out the EU Integrated Resolve 2022 (Parallel and Coordinated Exercise, EU IR22 PACE), a joint exercise co-led by the European External Action Service, the European Commission and the Council, in parallel with NATO.

The EU is facing complex geopolitical crises that require joint action, swift decision-making, and a coordinated and rapid European response. As new and hybrid threats continue to test the EU’s preparedness and capacity to manage complex, cross-sectoral crises, exercising our crisis response tools is more important than ever.

During this exercise, which lasts until 18 November 2022, the EU will test its ability to respond to a complex crisis of a hybrid nature with an internal and an external dimension. This exercise will also help to improve cooperation with NATO in accordance with the PACE concept.

EU IR22 (PACE) is based on a scenario consisting of a first part focused on the planning of a CSDP (Common Defence and Security Policy) military operation and a civilian mission, followed by a second part where the EU will be confronted with hybrid threats coinciding with the execution of this CSDP operation and mission.

The exercise is a valuable and timely opportunity to test the EU’s response to hybrid campaigns, following the adoption of Council Conclusions on a Framework for a Coordinated EU Response to Hybrid Campaigns in June 2022. It is also in line with the Strategic Compass and the ambition of the joint declarations on EU-NATO cooperation to enhance our readiness and interoperability to perform Crisis Management Exercises with NATO in the framework of PACE.