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EU Solidarity: assistance to refugees and migrants in Russia


The European Union and the Civic Assistance Committee joined forces to help refugees and migrants in Russia during the coronavirus pandemic in the framework of “The right to self-isolation for refugees and migrants during the outbreak of coronavirus” project, which was launched in early June. Its goal is to provide these vulnerable groups with food, shelter and medical care.

To date, the project team has delivered food packages to 101 families of migrant workers and refugees in Moscow, as well as 64 families of Syrian refugees in Noginsk and Losino-Petrovsky. In the future, food assistance will be provided upon receipt of applications though a special hotline, which operates in five languages, including English, Arabic, Persian, French.

Within the framework of the project most vulnerable families with children will receive monetary accommodation allowances. Priority is given to families with minor children and single women without support.

In addition, refugees and migrants can receive medical advice from a general practitioner and necessary medications, and in urgent cases, emergency treatment at medical facilities in Moscow and Moscow region. 


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