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Guatemala: Statement by the Spokesperson on the rule of law situation


The European Union expresses its utmost concern over the ongoing deterioration of the rule of law in Guatemala, where the Supreme Court of Justice and the Prosecutor-General have initiated legal action against independent judges, lawyers and prosecutors, resulting in arrests and loss of judicial immunity.

We also note that these actions were preceded by a lengthy social-media campaign, including intimidation and threats, especially against former staff of the Special Prosecution Office against Impunity (FECI) and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).

We call on the authorities to ensure the safety of those detained and to safeguard their right to due process.

The EU will closely monitor the situation and will continue to work with its international partners to uphold the respect for the rule of law, democracy and human rights in Guatemala.

Peter Stano
Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
+32 (0)460 75 45 53
Daniel Puglisi
Press Officer for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management/Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
+32 (0)2 29 69140
+32 (0)460 767374