Nicaragua: Statement by the High Representative on the latest diplomatic developments

02.10.2022 EEAS Press Team

The Nicaraguan authorities informed the Head of the EU Delegation to Nicaragua on Wednesday, that she had been declared persona non grata, and had to leave the country by this Saturday.

The EU profoundly regrets and rejects this unjustified and unilateral decision. The EU also profoundly regrets the disproportional and unjustified unilateral decision taken on Friday by the Nicaraguan government to cut diplomatic ties with the kingdom of the Netherlands and expresses its unwavering support to the Dutch government.

These hostile, unwarranted actions will not only affect the bilateral relations between Nicaragua and EU and its Member States, but will also lead to further international isolation of Nicaragua.  In this context, the EU is considering the appropriate way forward and will respond in a firm and proportional manner.

The current political crisis in Nicaragua should be resolved through genuine dialogue between the government and opposition. The EU reaffirms its continued commitment to the Nicaraguan people and to defending democracy, the rule of law and human rights. The EU remains open to dialogue with Nicaragua, provided that this dialogue is conducted in a respectful manner.

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