Brussels, Sep 8th, 2022 – “While we look at the security scenario in a truly holistic way, we must make sure that all our tools – and partnerships – are fully integrated. Avoiding duplications, if possible. We need to seek deep interoperability and standardization, both for our instruments and our cooperation with partners.” With these words, Gen Brieger, Chairman of the EU Military Committee concluded the Away Day organized by the Czech Presidency, today.

The event gathered all the military representatives from the EU Member States and subject matter experts around the topic: “Security challenges at the EU's eastern border: what should be done about it?”

“The crisis in Ukraine, although not involving a direct EU military response, is indeed an historical opportunity to leverage the procurement – as Europeans – of what we need to safeguard our interests effectively, also as a better pillar for the North Atlantic Alliance,” added Gen Brieger.

The distinguished guest speakers, Prof Biscop (Egmont Institute), Prof Riegl (Czech Ministry of Defense), Col Husak (Czeck Army), and Prof Prochazka (Director of Czech Centre for Security and Military Studies) provided a truly stimulating, cross-domain perspective (political, operational, capabilities, etc.) on a strategic direction towards which the EU is engaging with its integrated approach to crisis management.

The Chairman stressed that the EU owns or is in the position to own all the tools to represent the real answer to security and defence request, in cooperation with NATO, at a time when implementation of the Strategic Compass is under way. “Maybe for the first time, our approach really sees soft and hard power as the two sides of the EU coin for success. And the Military Committee has a key role to play, in this endeavour. Anticipation is key: we must work for the best, but also be prepared for the worst”.