PzH 2000 armoured self-propelled howitzer – The training of Ukrainian artillerymen


Artillery plays a decisive role in modern warfare and helps protect the armed forces and increase their effectiveness. At the European training mission EUMAM UA, Ukrainian artillerymen learn how to operate the PzH 2000 armoured self-propelled howitzer within a very short period of time.


Advanced artillery weapons are complex and the training on these weapon systems is a demanding process. This is the only way to ensure that the artillerymen acquire the knowledge and skills needed to protect own forces and engage enemy targets effectively.

At EUMAM UA, Ukrainian service personnel learn how to safely operate the state-of-the-art weapon system. They learn how to aim, charge, fire and service the PzH 2000. They start with simulator training and then continue in real terrain. Practical training is crucial. From the very beginning, the Ukrainian artillerymen use different types of shells so as to be able to adapt to varying terrain and weather conditions. The final item on the training agenda is a PzH 2000 live firing exercise.

Upon completion of the training, the Ukrainian soldiers are supposed to have mastered their weapon system to a degree that allows them to fight the Russian aggressor by both day and night.



EUMAM UA is part of the support package for Ukraine for its fight against the Russian aggression. The task is to train Ukrainian armed forces to strengthen the country’s defence capability and sustainability. EUMAM UA was decided by the EU Foreign Affairs Council on 17 October 2022. It is the first training mission on European soil. The 24 European participating nations are planning to provide initial and follow-on training for approximately 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of summer 2024.