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Russia: Statement by the High Representative on the EU response to Minister Lavrov’s letters


Today, based on the unanimous decision by the 27 Member States of the European Union, I have sent a letter to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responding to his written message to each one of them on 28 January.

It addresses the issues raised by Minister Lavrov and reiterates the EU’s and its Member States’ offer to continue dialogue with Russia on ways to strengthen the security of all.

The EU has a common foreign and security policy and our aim is to act united on all key issues of key common interest. This includes also coordinating replies to letters, as called for. It is up to EU Member States to decide on these matters. Only those who are interested in dividing us, would question such a decision.

Peter Stano
Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
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Paloma Hall Caballero
Press Officer for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
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