Statement by High Representative Borrell as Coordinator of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Dispute Resolution Mechanism


I have received today a letter by the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and the United Kingdom referring a matter concerning the implementation of Iran's commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to the Joint Commission for resolution through the Dispute Resolution Mechanism, as set out in paragraph 36 of the agreement.

As Coordinator of the Joint Commission, I will oversee the Dispute Resolution Mechanism process. The aim of the Mechanism is to resolve issues relating to the implementation of the agreement within the framework of the Joint Commission. In this respect I note the Foreign Ministers’ intention “to preserve the JCPOA in the sincere hope of finding a way forward to resolve the impasse through constructive diplomatic dialogue”.

The Dispute Resolution Mechanism requires intensive efforts in good faith by all. As the Coordinator, I expect all JCPOA participants to approach this process in that spirit.

The JCPOA is a significant achievement of sustained multilateral diplomacy following years of negotiations. In light of the ongoing dangerous escalations in the Middle East, the preservation of the JCPOA is now more important than ever.

Peter Stano
Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
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