Sudan: Statement by the High Representative Josep Borrell on the latest developments

EEAS Press Team

Yesterday’s violence perpetrated yet again by the Sudanese security forces against peaceful demonstrators is totally unacceptable. It has led to several deaths, including one child, and left hundreds injured. It is the responsibility of the Sudanese authorities to protect civilians and avoid the use of excessive force. 

Sudanese authorities have once again violated basic human rights such as the freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression and the protection of civilians.

This senseless loss of life goes against the resolve of the Sudanese people in their quest for democracy. They have once again clearly spoken out, massively congregating in favour of civilian rule and democracy in one of the largest demonstrations across the country since the military coup of 25th October 2021.

Yesterday’s events demonstrate that the military authorities are not willing to create a conducive environment for dialogue. With more than 100 protesters killed and thousands injured since last year’s military coup, every small step undertaken to create such an environment is reversed by the continued repression of Sudanese voices who have rightfully chosen democracy as their aspiration.

The Sudanese military authorities need to show they are genuine about engaging in the national process of dialogue, facilitated by the tripartite UN-AU-IGAD mechanism, which is considered by the EU as the only sufficiently inclusive platform to facilitate intra-Sudanese talks. This starts with stopping violence against peaceful demonstrators.

It is time to listen to the hundreds and thousands of Sudanese who want freedom, peace and justice for all.

Nabila Massrali
Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
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Daniel Puglisi
Press Officer for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management/Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
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