The European Union maintains a network of over 140 delegations worldwide. The delegations are essential to the promotion of EU interests and values around the world and are in the front line in delivering EU external relations policy and action, from the common foreign and security policy through trade and development cooperation to scientific and technical relations.

What we do

The European Union Delegation to Egypt, officially opened in 1978, covers the full range of bilateral issues between the EU and Egypt, and in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy plays a role in the implementation and monitoring of the EU-Egypt partnership priorities.

The Delegation interacts with the government ministries but also with civil society and non-governmental organisations and reports to Brussels on developments in Egypt. An important focus is the management of the projects under the different development co-operation programmes concerning Egypt. The Delegation manages an ongoing development co-operation portfolio of over €1.2 billion in Egypt.

The Delegation informs on the EU, its policies and positions to interested parties through various means, including its website and social media platforms. The Delegation Press and Information Officer are in constant contact with the local, regional and international media.