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EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement


The signature of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) between the European Union and Canada at the 16th EU-Canada Summit on 30 October 2016, together with the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, will mark the beginning of a new, dynamic chapter in the European Union's long-standing partnership with Canada.


The Strategic Partnership Agreement will upgrade the current framework of cooperation between the EU and Canada and expand the basis of the relationship, in parallel with efforts to foster trade and investment. The Agreement enshrines both sides' shared democratic values and enhances political dialogue on a broad range of areas, including international peace and security, economic and sustainable development, justice, freedom and security.

Negotiations for the SPA launched in September 2011, alongside the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), with a view to replacing the outdated 1976 Framework Agreement for Commercial and Economic Cooperation. The Agreement was initialled in September 2014 and was adopted by the European Commission in April 2015. Following the beginning of its provisional application on 1 April 2017, the SPA will be the most comprehensive agreement between the EU and Canada to date, enhancing and building on the range of cooperation established under the 2004 EU-Canada Partnership Agenda. Several parts (around two-thirds) of the Agreement will enter into effect on a provisional basis after signature at the Summit, while the remaining parts will only enter into effect upon ratification by all EU Member States.

The SPA will bring concrete benefits across political, economic, security, judicial, strategic, environmental and social areas. Alongside the SPA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will enhance the economic, trade and investment relationship between the EU, bringing jobs and growth.

 The Strategic Partnership Agreement can be found here.



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