Political Advisors - high value assets for the CSDP missions and operations


Three ESDC network partners recently launched the 7th Advanced Course for Political Advisors in EU Missions and Operations. This modular training activity is co-organised by the Brussels-based Egmont Institute, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and the Austrian National Defence Academy. The three modules will be held from January to June 2018, and also include extensive eLearning phases.

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From 26 February to 2 March 2018, the first module was conducted in Brussels at the premises of the ESDC. The main focus was on the institutional framework which will shape the specific activities of a political advisor in the field.

A political advisor requires knowledge and specific skills to advise, negotiate, analyse conflict or to communicate professionally both orally and in writing political messages. Even more striking is the need for some specific attitudes that a political advisor should manifest: loyalty, integrity and dedication. This dimension builds the basis for an intimate, solid relationship with the commander in chief, such as the operation/force/mission commander or the head of mission.

Therefore, the political advisor is a high value asset for the overall mission; given his/ her position and job specificity, which may overlap with several commanders' mandates, the political advisor is not only a repository of political wisdom but the operation's/mission's corporate memory.

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