Two new exhibitions presenting BiH cultural heritage in a innovative way and employment opportunities open in Europe House

Two new exhibitions under the title ‘Connected through Good in the Past, Present and Future’ opened in Europe House on 9 May, Europe Day. The exhibitions present the results of EU funded projects which have brought results for BiH citizens. The first exhibition ‘Travel back into the past in VR’, offers visitors the opportunity to visit key sites for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cultural and historical heritage in virtual reality. The second, ‘Local Employment Partnerships Really Work’ showcases success stories where EU support has led to new, sustainable jobs. 

Together with partnering organisations, Association for digitalisation and informatisation of cultural heritage and the International Labour Organisation, implementing the Local Employment Partnership projects, Ambassador Johann Sattler, Head of the Delegation of the EU in BiH and EU Special Representative to BiH welcomed the guests and opened the exhibitions.

“Today is a special day - it is Europe Day but also the Day of Victory against Fascism and it is appropriate that we find ourselves in Europe House, i.e. in the Eternal Flame building - this is a great opportunity to combine these two ideas, i.e. the building of our joint European future with the fight against fascism. This Europe Day we mark two important occasions, the 20th anniversary of the largest EU enlargement as well as important steps in BiH’s EU future with the European Council’s decision to open accession negotiations. Enlargement brings opportunities for development - more income, increased investment as well as the respect of freedoms, human rights and European values. This is what the EU is and the exhibitions we open today bring these aspects together in a unique way,” said Ambassador Sattler.

The European Union has been instrumental in supporting local employment partnerships across Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus contributing to creating new jobs, new skills and opportunities for thousands of citizens. “By opening this exhibition, we are contributing to the marking of Europe Day and we are highlighting the importance of the connection between EU and BiH to through joint action improve the economic development of the country. Local employment partnerships have recognised the challenges faced by the unemployed and enabled them to take advantage of the opportunities, leave their comfort zones and dare to try completely new occupations or start new businesses,” underlined Lejla Tanović, ILO representative.

Professor Selma Rizvić, Director highlighted that the organisation has been a pioneer in their field of presenting cultural heritage through virtual reality for over 15 years now. “I am pleased that the quality of our work has been recognised and that the citizens have the opportunity to try out applications so far only available in museums and our laboratories. In line with the celebrations, we have also prepared two applications commemorating the Battle on the River Neretva and Kozara Mountain and we gladly invite you all to take a virtual journey back into the past,” said Professor Rizvić.

Travel back into the past in VR exhibition is available until 17 May, while the Local Employment Partnerships Really Work is available until 27 May 2024 in Europe House, Maršala Tita 62 in Sarajevo from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.

For more information about the Europe Day celebration programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina please visit