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Another fun-filled Europe Day from the four corners of the globe to your living room


Another year of quasi-confinement did not stop the EU and all its offices around the world from marking Europe Day in all its glory with several innovative activities online to touch all our senses! Shades of blue and yellow adorned landmarks worldwide, the sound of music filled our homes, and our eyes feasted on an array of photographic exhibitions and movie screenings. Our brains were also put to the test with a number of quizzes, and kids enjoyed online games to their hearts’ content. Our taste buds also thanked the chefs who offered online cooking classes, and we even got to go on a trip to space!

As usual the EEAS and all its EU Delegations worldwide, did not shy away from opening up their digital window to the world: giving visibility to the several activities organised to let the audience 'look in' and see the work of the EU; giving a voice to citizens with messages of hope and room for open discussion, for example through Live Chats with Ambassadors across the globe; allowing for the expression of culture and creativity; and joining other EU institutions in this celebration of unity and solidarity, all from the comfort of one's own couch.

As the EEAS also celebrates its tenth birthday on this special year we explained a decade of EU diplomacy in less than 5 minutes.

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations delivered a message for Europe Day stating "This year marks the tenth anniversary of the European External Action Service through which the EU has played a key role in advancing peace, security and human rights, both in Europe and worldwide and in strong partnership with the United Nations".

We proudly sang the Ode to Joy and danced to the rhythm of some very enjoyable familiar tunes!


We tested our knowledge through the Quiz 'Together we are Europe'

We travelled around Europe and across the globe gathering wishes and messages of hope for life after the pandemic, by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Not only did we welcome EU Ambassadors live in our living room and had the chance to openly discuss with them, but we even had the opportunity to bring a taste of Europe into our kitchens thanks to cooking classes by Ambassadors and Diplomats, and also ended the day with bedtime folktales and fairytales from European countries!


We had the chance to take part in a number of events with a variety of topics including the role of the EU in multilateral affairs and celebrating women from around the world who are leading the way towards gender equality in their communities.

And this is not all. Several cinema screenings and photographic exhibitions took place including the experience to see Europe from space!


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