RDDP (Regional Development and Protection Programme for refugees and host communities in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq)


The European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) is a four-year initiative initiated in July 2014. The objective is to support Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq to better understand, plan, and mitigate the impact of forced displacement of Syrian refugees.


In partnership with governments, civil society, NGOs, and UN agencies the programme seeks to enhance protection for displaced-affected populations and create socio-economic development opportunities.

By joining humanitarian and development funding the programme acknowledges that in protracted displacement the humanitarian assistance should be complemented by development-led strategies. Through investing in innovative partnerships the programme aims to support refugees, host communities and governments to maximise the opportunities arising from the Syrian displacement.

The RDPP is supported by platform of eight European donors; European Commission (DEVCO), Ireland, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark. Denmark manages the programme through the Programme Management Unit with offices in Beirut and Amman. The current budget for the RDPP stands at Euro 41.6 mill.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To ensure that refugees are fully able to avail themselves of a durable solution
  • To support socio-economic development in host countries that will benefit both the host populations and refugees

This will be achieved through support to partnerships focusing on:

  • Research – To assess and analyse the impact of displacement on refugees and host communities and provide inputs for long-term planning
  • Protection – To strengthen the protection of refugees through legal support, community empowerment and conflict mitigation, better capacities of national institutions for protection and asylum, and combating child labour
  • Advocacy and Political Dialogue – To improve and uphold refugees’ rights
  • Socio-economic development – To enhance economic opportunities and livelihood capacity of vulnerable population through employment generation and business development


For further information regarding the European Regional Development and Protection Programme please contact Programme Manager Rebecca Carter at

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